Don’t Blame Diddy For Danity Kane Turmoil, Dream’s Demise

Debbie Hammond, CEO of ClockWork Entertainment, Dream’s former co-label that entered into a joint venture with Bad Boy, issued a statement with her thoughts on those reacting to the turmoil in Danity Kane and blaming it on their boss, Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs of Bad Boy Records. Hammond writes on the reformed MySpace blog (@thedreamsite):

It would be really easy for me to say Diddy is the reason DREAM broke up too! Jump on the bandwagon and take no responsibility for my act’s behavior. But it’s just not true. Sean Combs, and Bad Boy are the most supportive, generous and kindness people I have ever worked with in any industry. They have PASSION FOR THE MUSIC and entertainment. They respect the buyers of their product and hate to disappoint. This is the truth from a platinum girl group that broke up while on Bad Boy. Sean “Diddy” Combs (CEO), Harve Pierre (President) and Gwen Niles (Vice President) treated us with respect, expected the best out of us to ENTERTAIN OUR MARKET WITH QUALITY MUSIC AND PERFORMANCES because that is what they truly believe the public deserves. They provided support in every capacity, and have NEVER lied to us on even 1 occasion. Good, bad or indifferent, they always told us the truth.

It’s sad when groups break up. But let’s put the blame where is belongs. I’m glad that there are still business executives that care enough about our impressionable youth to stop illicit behavior instead of just making money off of it. Danity’s buyers are young girls and women, primarily. Danity has an obligation to show decency and respect to their buyer. They were warned and disregarded the warnings completely. Bad Boy was pumping MILLIONS OF DOLLARS into giving them a chance.

The same goes for Dream. They quit. Diddy generously gave us a huge advance to do an album. We did it, and Dream quit, after they took his money. They didn’t follow through with their promises, and neither did Danity.

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3 thoughts on “Don’t Blame Diddy For Danity Kane Turmoil, Dream’s Demise

  1. shwstopn408 says:

    Diddy is the one to blame he is a horrible mentor!!! He lost the best thing to ever come to his label!

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  2. pl says:

    I really liked Danity Kane.. too bad they can’t stay together! :(

  3. plo says:

    Dream freaking sucked!! Diddy overdoes it.. he’s not GOD!!! I wouldn’t wanna work with his naggin ass either!!

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