Don’t Judge An Album By A Britney Spears Fan

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Christina Aguilera is a great and talented artist who will always be successful in her career. is a overrated celebrity who just a pretty face she has and deserves no respect as an artist, to this date she only has one #1 hit in the United States being Baby One More Time, and only having 3 Top 10 songs. Where Christina has 4 #1 hits, and having 5 Top 10 songs. Britney has only 1 Grammy, to Christina’s 3 and 1 Latin. The point is tabloids don’t make you better, look at Michael Jackson his one tabloids everywhere but he’ll never have top album or #1 song. Britney’s life overpowers her music where Christina’s music is stronger. Two songs don’t decide her fate every artist have had a flop. You Britney fans have yet to mention the flop of My Prerogative, and Do Something, which did worse then Car Wash and TYHB. If no one cares for why did she have that huge banner in time square? Every huge star from Madonna to Michael has more than one Grammy. You guys can’t deal that Christina has a strong fan base who will continue you to support her music no matter the outcome, personally anything Christina sing sounds good whether it’s pop or jazz. Unbiasly looking at there resumes who’s better? Don’t judge a book by its cover; don’t judge an album on what you heard from a biased Britney fan or a hater.

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One thought on “Don’t Judge An Album By A Britney Spears Fan

  1. pl says:

    I think that Britney is a great entertainer! Yeah.. she never claimed to be Celine Dion but she dances her butt off and she always getting picked on.. just leave her alone!!

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