Don’t Judge Christina Aguilera By Her Fans

Contributed anonymously:

I recently saw an article posted on this website by yet another bitter fan of attacking Britney Spears. It seems to me that instead of rising up in a jealous rage that Britney is in all reality doing fine as far as album sales and such goes you should just back down. Christina herself is not actually why people like myself prefer Britney, it is her fans. It is no shock to us fans of Britney that Christina is extremely talented and has the better of the two voices. However it doesn’t really matter what haters post or have to say when it comes to Britney, it’s all in the numbers, and Britney so far has won that fight, no matter how she got there. Do you really think that these two women sit at home at night on their computers reading this site or any site feeling like they are failures? No. Because of the fact both of them have succeeded in ways most of you can’t fathom. Britney Rocks, no matter what people say everyone has at least one song they just love of hers. You’re not fooling anyone. Christina has got the bomb voice and they are both going to be around for a while. So to the fellow fans of Britney, we know she kicks butt, and to the fellow fans of Christina, stop getting so flustered over things like this. I love both the girls and don’t think any of us should ever judge poor Christina because most of her fans are crazy.

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