Don’t Judge The Music World By Only Controversy And No Talent

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I just wanted to say something about the opinion of those people who think that in today’s world talent means nothing, and that only controversy and sensationalism will keep an artist in the spotlight. Commonly, people compare Britney Spears to Madonna. Yes, it’s true that they both start controversy. But there is a big difference between putting controversy on yourself alone, and putting controversy on something other than yourself and making a statement about it.

The only controversy Britney has done was act innocent while acting like a naughty girl when she first came out in the music scene, then suddenly busting out into some sex pot, wearing a skin toned outfit with diamonds, wearing a snake around her neck, kissing Madonna, throwing Red Bull cans and junk at the paparazzi, and sucking Kevin Federline’s you know what on a balcony. If Britney didn’t do those things and relied on her talent alone, then she wouldn’t be as big as she is today. And if so, maybe she would at least be taken more seriously as an artist. And at this point, the more she puts attention on herself, the more she’s made into a joke.

As for Madonna, she didn’t put attention on herself so she can be made into a joke. She started controversy because she wanted to be taken seriously. If Britney had that same ambition then maybe she would have chosen her controversial stunts more wisely. Madonna’s controversy was always a musical statement of free expression. For example, the burning crosses in the Like A Prayer music video, her Justify My Love Music video, her film Truth or Dare, her SEX book, etc. Those things were a form of expression, spiritually and sexually. She didn’t do those things to say, “Look at me, I am Madonna!” she did them because she had something to say. That’s real controversy. A controversy with a purpose and a statement is far more different than starting controversy to simply keep yourself out there. To say that Britney is like Madonna just because she starts controversy is an insult to what Madonna stood for. You might as well say Paris Hilton is like Madonna too, since she’s obviously maintaining herself by starting controversy, and for simply being famous for being famous.

So therefore, for those who think that sensationalism and controversy is the only thing for an artist to remain in a business, well, you have every right to keep that opinion, but I believe you are incorrect. If you little theory is true, then do you think Britney will remain in the business by starting controversy and being trashy forever until she’s 80? Tell me the last person in this music business that has remained in the spotlight and in the business by keeping up controversy alone.

At some point, the artist will get bored of starting controversy, and even the fans and the public will get bored and tired of it too. Even Madonna knew that she can’t keep up the controversy forever. The only controversial thing she has done was kiss Britney and Christina, and even that turned many people off because she’s just too old to be keeping up the controversy these days. With time the artist has to be more independent, and prove that she can still remain in the business without resorting to putting controversy on themselves. These days, you don’t see Madonna constantly starting controversy to remain in the business. Today, she’s now seen as a mature, smart business woman who’s confident in her music and in her mission in life. Even in the past Madonna has shown that she was independent and confident by starting controversy with a real statement. She wanted to prove to the world that pop is not all bubble gum and candy, she proved that pop can be innovating and can become artistic. She wanted to prove people that she was smart, and it still shows to this day. It takes a smart mind to do that. Britney doesn’t have that type of intellect in this point of her life and career. She easily starts controversy because she’s well known and popular. She’s not starting controversy to prove that she’s smart and creative like Madonna did, she’s just simply trying to ask for attention no differently than the way Paris Hilton tries to get attention. You should compare Britney to Paris, at least that would be a more reasonable comparison (except Paris makes Britney look like a saint next to her). Comparing Britney to Madonna…well, it’s a seemingly okay and innocuous comparison, but when you look deeper into Madonna’s controversy, and see that of Britney’s, there is really no comparison at all.

So all in all, in this music world, yeah these days talent isn’t exactly 100% important, but it doesn’t mean that the whole world agrees with it. There has to be SOME talent to actually be known in the music business. As for the controversy and sensationalism, well, it has helped raise the popularity of some artists, Britney included, but at the end, you can’t assume that all artists need to do that to remain in the spotlight.

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