Don’t Look At Me While You’re Talking Says J.Lo

The London Star reports Jennifer Lopez has been exhibiting more diva like behavior. Lopez had stern words for a builder working on her Los Angeles mansion. Why? For making eye contact as he spoke to her. She asked if he wouldn’t mind staring at her shoes as he addressed her. The report is similar to one that said extras on the video for ‘I’m Real’ were also banned from looking at Lopez because it made her feel ‘uncomfy.’

Ben Affleck & Jennifer Lopez Stop By L Street Tavern In Boston

September 1, 2002 – The Boston Herald reports Jennifer and Cambridge native Ben Affleck, strolled into the L Street Tavern in South Boston yesterday afternoon, holding hands. L Street barkeep Brian Sullivan said the two arrived in a silver Bentley Azure convertible, stayed for 10 minutes, didn’t order anything, and left. Ben was there to show his lady love the Southie watering hole he made famous in his Oscar-winning screenwriting debut, ‘Good Will Hunting.’ “They just sat down,” Sullivan said. “Ben asked how business was. She just smiled. She’s a pretty woman. Holy good grief!”

‘I’m Real’ Wins Best Hip Hop Video

August 30, 2002 – Jennifer Lopez and Ja Rule teamed up on ‘I’m Real’ and walked away with the Best Hip-Hop Video at the Video Music Awards on Thursday. J.Lo seems to have forgiven Murder Inc.’s Irv Gotti thanking him in the speech, and perhaps Ja Rule himself, who reportedly was bragging about having sex with J.Lo during their visit to Ramstein Air Force Base to soldiers. Lopez said, “I didn’t expect this. Obviously. But, God, I’m a girl from the Bronx and hip-hop is everything to us, so I want to thank God, the fans, thank Ja and the whole crew Irv, and 7 and B.J. And everybody. I want to thank Sony, Corey Rooney, everybody over there and everybody involved with the video, especially Dave Myers who did it individually for us, so great. Thank you for writing the song [Ja Rule]. You’re the best.”

Jennifer Lopez Spends $300 At Matthew Izzo Shop

August 30, 2002 – Stu Bykofsky of The Philadelphia Daily News reports Jennifer was spotted shopping at the Matthew Izzo Shop on Wednesday in Philly. J.Lo arrived with a male driver, bodyguard and a female assistant where she plunked down $300 (or at least her assistant did) on scented candles, ashtrays, a Versace and other fashion design books, along with a wooden vase with a glass insert by local artist Don Nye.

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One thought on “Don’t Look At Me While You’re Talking Says J.Lo

  1. NYC says:

    That gets on my nerve. She needs to be out of the industry soon. She just a ghetto ho that gives all the divas bad names! She may be popular to other people, but to me she’s just a woman that need to put her act together or she won’t have any fans left. If I were to bump into her, I wouldn’t even be interested in getting her autograph.

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