Dr. Drew Discusses Britney Spears, Jessica Sierra On ‘Today’

Dr. Drew Pinsky visited the ‘Today’ show on Tuesday (January 8) to talk about Britney Spears, his new VH1 show ‘Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew’, and the famous stars who are getting his treatment. Pinsky said the troubled pop tart needed “at least a year of treatment”, and added that ‘American Idol’ alum Jessica Sierra, who was on the show only to get arrested afterwards, was being sentenced to a yearlong stint in an in-house California drug treatment facility beginning on Wednesday.

In order for Britney to be helped, Dr. Drew said she actually has to want help. “Intervention helps people get into and through treatment, but people have to want to get well in order to get well. In Britney’s case, not only is she in denial about the fact that she has a disease, there appears to be some illness issues that make her ability to perceive her what’s going in impaired.” Watch the segment below the fold.

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