Dr. Phil: Britney Has A 15-Year-Old Mentality With Too Much Money

Dr. Phil McGraw was on ‘Larry King Live’ on Thursday (November 8), where Larry again asked the psychologist and television personality for his thoughts on . “Well, you know, I think she got so much so fast. You know, she got famous when she was like 15, 16 years old and at that point, your whole world changes, your value development changes,” Dr. Phil explained. “She has some assets here that a lot of these young stars that are in trouble don’t have because she’s got family that is solid. I mean, her mother, Lynne, who I know, is a solid down-to-earth woman with good values. But, you’ve got to have access to them. At this point, I think you’ve go somebody out there with a 15-year-old mentality with way too much money, way too much influence, and now, I mean, running around in front of the paparazzi, doing the idiotic things that she’s doing, I mean, that’s like the popular girl in high school. It’s just we’re in Hollywood High out here and you get addicted to that sort of thing. And I worry about her safety and I worry about those children.”

Asked what her behavior does to her children Sean Preston and Jayden James, McGraw responded, “Well, I think that there’s no question that the children suffer. What children do learn what they live. You want a mother that is there, is plugged in, is attentive, has those kids’ interests above her own, focuses on them, and I’m not convinced that that’s happening and I’m not convinced that the monitors that the court sent over there believe that that’s happening, I’m not convinced that the judge believes that that’s happening and I don’t think that we’ve seen the bottom on this thing yet.” Read more, including his thoughts on Lindsay Lohan, at CNN.com.

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