Dr. Phil Defends Paris Hilton On ‘The Tonight Show’

Dr. Phil visited ‘The Tonight Show with Jay Leno’ on Thursday (June 28), where he weighed in on Paris Hilton’s jail sentence and her interview the previous night on ‘Larry King Live’. “Look, I’m Mr. Accountability, and I think people should be held accountable for what they do,” Dr. Phil told Jay. “And I don’t think celebrities should have a double standard where they get things that other people don’t get because they’re just doing a job. But the truth is, she spent probably ten times the amount of time in jail that Suzie Q. would have spent in jail. Should she have been held accountable? Should she have gone to jail? Should she have to pay for it? Absolutely, absolutely, absolutely. But I think this was a judge just running his own agenda. I think it was – I think it was crazy.” He later added, “Like, I watched last night when she was on ‘Larry King’. And, you know, he’s a good friend of mine and yours as well. And so I watched the interview. Then I watched all of the analysis of the interview afterwards, where everybody is just tearing her up and ripping her up and saying that she is exploiting this whole thing. Then why are they talking about it? Anderson Cooper was doing it. I like Anderson. He’s a good reporter, but he’s on there talking about how absurd it is that he spent an entire hour talking about it. They talked about the fact that she’s getting all this attention. They’re the ones giving it her. And then for ratings, he rode the crest for an hour after the interview last night. And you stood out here and did your entire monologue on it.”

Larry King’s Wife Not Taking Any Chances

June 28, 2007 – Jay Leno joked during his Tonight Show monologue on Wednesday night, “Well, you sound just like a a bunch of rich, spoiled, trust fund babies when you found out one of your own just got out of prison. Wow. … Hey, Paris Hilton was on ‘Larry King’ tonight. Yeah, there’s a sex video you don’t want to see. Ooh. … Now, you didn’t see it because you’re here, but Paris Hilton was on ‘Larry King’. Larry King interviewed her. And see, Paris hasn’t been with a man in three weeks. You know? And Larry’s wife was not taking any chances. She made Larry wear two sets of suspenders. Just to make sure … No, Paris said she spent her first day out of jail sitting around the house relaxing and doing nothing, or as she calls it ‘getting back to work.’ … Actually, she’s gonna be pretty busy. Tonight, she was on ‘Larry King’. I think tomorrow she’s on ‘Charlie Rose’. This weekend she’s on ‘Meet The Press’. No, I’m sorry, it’s ‘Press The Meat’, the cable show. I’m sorry.”

Larry King Hears Paris Is The World’s Second Biggest Guest After Osama

June 27, 2007 – Larry King spoke with ‘Entertainment Tonight’ about his big interview tonight with Paris Hilton after the heiress was released from jail early Tuesday morning. “Someone said this is the second biggest guest you can get in the world,” he said. “The first would be Osama bin Laden. Now, what is that saying about us? The first biggest get would be this villain. The second biggest get would be this girl. Why? So I think that’s an extraordinary concept, a statement of what we are as a society.”

Dobbs Tells National Press Club: No Paris Hilton On My Show

June 27, 2007 – The Examiner reported that during Lou Dobbs’ address journalists at the National Press Club’s speakers luncheon in Washington yesterday, as the luncheon came to a close, Dobbs commented on the presence of Paris on every news channel, including CNN: “Well that sure as hell does not include ‘Lou Dobbs Tonight’.”

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