Dr. Phil: I Don’t Apologize For Trying To Help Britney Spears

During Britney Spears’ 36-hour stay at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center on Friday and Saturday, sources tell ‘Entertainment Tonight’ that the troubled pop tart spoke in her alter ego British accent. Meanwhile, ‘ET’ correspondent Kevin Frazier spoke with Dr. Phil McGraw after the talk show host faced criticism for visiting the troubled singer at the hospital on Saturday.

“I don’t know how to be indignant enough about that,” McGraw said of his tabloid critics. “Are you kidding me? These people now have Britney’s best interests at heart, are you kidding me? These are the people who are stalking her, and they want to criticize me for trying to help her, for trying to bring help to her in cooperation with the family that loves her? I mean, come on, gimme a break.” Unfortunately, his response wasn’t followed up by why he had reportedly planned a television intervention with Britney or why he didn’t make efforts to visit her without talking about it publicly afterwards.

McGraw said his message to Britney is to “turn to the people that love you, and listen… There is no sacrifice that Lynne won’t make for her daughters. There’s no sacrifice that her father won’t make. I can tell you this is a good person, and I truly believe she’ll get back to being a good person if she doesn’t hurt herself or worse before. Somebody needs to step up and provide a vector to get this young woman to get some quality care. She has children in the balance, her own live hanging in the balance, and I don’t apologize not one wit, not one second for trying to make that happen.” Video at etonline.com has since been removed.

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