Dr. Phil In Hot Water Over Britney Spears Visit – Is It A Criminal Matter?

Television talk-show host Dr. Phil McGraw is not apologizing for trying to help and her family. But will this fiasco hurt his career? NBC’s Peter Alexander reported on McGraw’s defense of his visit with the troubled singer as she was leaving Cedars-Sinai Medical Center earlier this month during his show on Monday.

Jonathan Turley of George Washington University said, “There’s a clear line in state law between entertaining people and treating people. Now when Dr. Phil becomes Dr. McGraw and leaves the studio, and goes to a hospital, he’s putting himself and potentially a patient in jeopardy.”

Dr. Drew Pinsky added, “It seems to me that the Spears family holds Dr. Phil’s future in their hands. If they in fact were led to believe they were working with a doctor, a licensed professional, and they were in fact not, and that’s a serious criminal matter.” Watch the report below.

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