Drag Queen Turns Diva On Atomic Kitten Video Shoot

The Sun reports Lily Savage star Paul O’Grady stormed off the set of the new video ‘Ladies Night’ because he didn’t want to be outdone by other drag queens. O’Grady was under the impression that he’d be the only drag queen featured in the video for the Kitten’s Christmas single. “It was in the script so Paul should have known we were using lots of drag queens,” an insider told Victoria Newton. “But he obviously didn’t read it. It appears he wasn’t too impressed with the fact there were others. We needed all the drag queens to make the video really work. It’s all about a ladies night, obviously, but the gag is the ladies involved aren’t really ladies at all. Paul was the first person we thought of to do the video and he initially agreed. We all had a laugh when he stormed off.” Read more.

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