Drew Lachey Takes Media Spotlight Off Nick

After being in big brother and 98 Degrees bandmate Nick Lachey’s shadow for so many years, is reveling in the spotlight after winning ‘Dancing With The Stars’. “I’m happy to take a little of the pressure off of him,” Drew tells ‘Extra’. “He has been getting the short-end for a while. It’s great just to be able to perform and get out here and do what I love doing, which is entertaining people.”

Wins ‘Dancing With The Stars’

February 27, 2006 – The Associated Press reports 98 Degrees star danced away as the winner of ‘Dancing with the Stars’ Sunday night, edging pro wrestler Stacy Keibler, thought to be the favored finalist, along with NFL great Jerry Rice. The ABC’s ballroom hit wrapped its second season, aired live from Los Angeles. After host Tom Bergeron disclosed that Lachey and pro dance partner Cheryl Burke beat out Rice, Lachey let out a “Woooooooooooooo!” before accepting the trophy he earlier described as “ugly”.

Drew Lachey’s ‘Dancing’ Controversy

February 24, 2006 – ‘Access Hollywood’ reports that a regretful Drew Lachey caused a controversy with his response to Judge Bruno Tonioli’s remarks Thursday night on ‘Dancing With The Stars’. Bruno told the 98 Degrees singer after his freestyle dance that he was “ready for the lead in ‘Brokeback Mountain: The Musical!'” Drew took the hat off dance partner Cheryl Burke’s head and put it behind him, covering his bottom. “It was there,” Drew said. “What else can I grab? She is not wearing anything else! I guess ABC, and their parent companies, don’t find my humor as humorous as I do, so, maybe I need a cable show, not network!” While Drew’s response aired live on the East Coast, it was edited out on the West Coast.

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3 thoughts on “Drew Lachey Takes Media Spotlight Off Nick

  1. hooker says:

    so, it’s gonna be, drew versus nick? hey guys, I have to be honest, I’m not, a huge fan, of, 98%, but, my favorite song, from you guys, is, the song, “I DO” (CHERISH YOU), it’s one of my favorite wedding theme songs, I think, that song, is awesome. the others, are: “this I promise”, Nsync, and, of course, that song, of, Michael Buble, “home!”, “i swear”, all for one, “unchained melody”, righteous brothers, and a few more. oh my god, every time I hear any of those songs, honest to god, it makes me wanna cry. hey drew, yes, I am scared of ugly people, no offense, please. I am more, at lease, with legitimate bachelor good looking people, never, been hitched, at all. but, more, importantly, no offense, again, but, I AM AGREE ALSO, WITH GAYS AND LESBIANS. YOU KNOW, IT’S LIKE, TELLING TO A PERSON, “WHAT, YOUR HAVING A RELATIONSHIP, BEFORE, WITH A WOMAN WHO IS A MAN. BECAUSE, SHE HAS MASCULINE VOICE, MASCULINE ACTIONS, MASCULINE, SHOULDERS/ARMS, OH MY GOD, I WAS SO SHOCKED UPON, LEARNING, OF THIS MATTER, HONEST TO GOD, EH?” IT’S GOOD, HE WAS ABLE TO GET OUT, OF, THIS PERSON, FOREVER, FOR GOOD, I, WAS RELIEVED, THANK GOD, FOREVER. A DEAR FRIEND OF MINE, YEY, HIS FIRST WIFE, SHE’S GOING TO HAVE THEIR THIRD CHILD, I AM SO EXCITED, MUAH! TRULY, GOOD LUCK HAPPENS TO GOOD PEOPLE, TRUE LOVE, FOREVER, OH GOD, WOHOO!

    oops, i, omitted an important wod. it should be, I am scared of, GAYS AND LESBIANS. it’s like, telling, to a person, “what, you have ra elationship to a woman before, who is a man?, before, let’s say, this woman celebrity, she has a musculine voice, musculine actions, musculine arms/shoulders, I kid you not, please. oh my god, it, scared me to death. why oh why? have I not been good to you? why, before, you’re cheating and, you had a fling, before, with, a woman who is a man, you make me so very nervous, eh? it’s good, the guy, was able, to get away, with this celebrity woman, alleged to be gay, run for your life, it is scary, oh my god!

  2. Haters-GetaLIFE says:

    Drew Lachey what a cutie pie!! :)’, ‘It is so nice to see brothers get along like those two!! :)

    Really!?? Drew’s wife is due in a couple weeks, the gay thing doesn’t fit!

    Drew is not ugly which is clear in “I do” video!

    I have this guy friend who non Christian & believes in the next life if we are good, we can have several mates. I don’t believe that, but if he is right…I am for sure gonna pick Nick & Drew to be on my crew!! LOL Those two are all American hotties!

  3. champagne_dancer says:

    Drew is adorable and talented … what a sweetie … love Nick also. Good family,’, ‘good family values … and that never goes out of style.

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