Drew Seeley Kicks Off YouTube Channel

Drew Seeley launches a YouTube channel checked in with fans on his “DrewTube” channel at YouTube, giving the fans an update from the studio. The singer and actor is promising frequent updates anytime he has something important to say.

“I decided to start this so I could keep you guys informed with everything that is going on with music and acting and whatever,” Drew said of the channel. “So, we’re in the studio today. Check it out. Behind the camera is my boy Brandon and we’re gonna be coming to you live every day, well not every day, every time there’s something worth talking about, and that’s that.”

Watch the message below.

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3 thoughts on “Drew Seeley Kicks Off YouTube Channel

  1. mirrelly says:

    Hey… I’m a big fan of you. I’m from Romania. My name is Mirela, I’m 20 years&now I see you from the first time in that movie “Another Cinderella Story” I like you so much..kiss

  2. Anesha says:

    Hey Drew!
    I’m such a big fan(your biggest fan by far…hehe) I just don’t know where to stop. I love Another Cinderella Story!!!!!!By the way, I’m from Malaysia which is in Asia..i hope you know where that is..hehe..anyways..just wanted to tell you that you are doing such a great job and keep up the good work!!!
    Your #1 fan!!!

  3. sara says:

    Hey Drew I just want to say I love you and I called 6 times and you did so I want to ask and here it is how do you guy’s meet you and Selena Gomez and I already seen your movie another Cinderella story and other this is how old are you and what is your first and that’s all and call me. I hope I can talk to and I want to talk to you please call me back and I love so much.

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