Drunken Avril Lavigne Uncensored

Lulop has just added video of Celebrities Uncensored capturing and friends leaving the Spider Club around Christmas 2004. The intoxicated singer smokes throughout, flips off the camera, advises that “limos are for posers”, screams “fu** you homo!” at a man, and advises people smoke “only when you’re drunk!” The video has since been removed.

And Deryck Whibley In Japan

June 14, 2005 – Contributed anonymously: Back when Avril was in Japan for the Summer Sonic festival, MTV taped a short interview with her which you can download at AvrilBandaids.com. The interview focuses primarily on Avril’s pre-show ritual, but there’s also really cute footage of Avril and Sum 41 boyfriend Deryck Whibley hanging out backstage before the show. Though more recent reports suggest the couple is going through some hard times, they look completely smitten in this clip.

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