Drunken & Greasy Britney Spears Spotted At A.D.

WorldOfBritney.com visitor Kirsten Storm shared her story of meeting the singer at A.D. in Los Angeles on Saturday. She writes, “Her time at the club involved standing with her body guards and four or so friends in an upstairs roped-off balcony. From here she could take frequent trips to the bathroom and dance with her entourage. I decided to have my own fun and leave Miss Spears to herself, but our paths just seemed to cross. As I unknowingly entered the bathroom, she walked in right after me. While she looked at herself in the mirror, she explained to me how drunk she was (as she had been drinking before she got to the club) and had taken four shots while at the club. She was also upset about her oily skin as she referred to herself as, and I quote, ‘a greasy bitch’.”

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