Drunken Pop Star Gets Out Of Jam With His Checkbook

A blind item in The New York Post reports asks, “Which son of a former tennis champ was hit head-on on Route 25A in Nassau County by a drunken pop star? The musician stumbled out of his crumpled car and scribbled a check for $10,000 to avoid entanglements with cops.”

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4 thoughts on “Drunken Pop Star Gets Out Of Jam With His Checkbook

  1. getalifeyall says:

    Well, it wasn’t Nick Carter. He never drives, especially drunk. He only washes cars and fills up gas tanks.

  2. WaneInTheZone says:

    Well considering Justin Timberlake is the only real pop STAR still successful today, It might be him. Nick Carter’s fat a.ss doesn’t even leave his trailer, Unless it’s to throw away the 24 packs of beer he consumes alone.

  3. Angel_Jtfan says:

    ok.. first of all it says SON OF A FORMER TENNIS CHAMP!! its NOT Justin. And mabey its Nick Carter who knows but his 3 fans out there who know if his father plays tennis or is a son of a tennis champ.

  4. xtina_rulz says:

    no the drunken pop star crashed into a son of a former tennis champ so it could be JT

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