Duff Appreciates Older & Loud Manchester Crowd

checked in with fans while on tour in the UK on her blog at AOL’s KOL service on Friday (May 5). “The train to Manchester from London was two and a half hours of solid scenic beauty,” Duff writes. “Again, such a peaceful, gorgeous experience. Then at the show the fans knew all the words to most of the songs we played. Manchester was definitely the loudest show we’ve had on the tour so far! Also, the fans were a little bit older than the usual crowd that comes to my concerts. Even though it was a rainy day it was so cool to see all kinds of fans out representin’! It’s so great having such a loyal and friendly international group of fans. The show in Manchester reminded me of how great ALL my fans are – I’m so lucky and thankful to have you guys! I’m also excited about how cool the tour bus is we have over here. It looks just like the double-decker buses England is famous for except it doesn’t just have seats, it has beds too. From the front of the upstairs it looks like you might fall off because of how it’s shaped with the driver on the first level… don’t worry, I’m safe! Well, off to grab one of those beds I was mentioning! Next stop is Amsterdam. I’ll be sure to let you know how it goes!”

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