Duff Forced To Cancel Show & Does More Movie Reviews

checked in with fans on her blog at AOL’s KOL service on Wednesday (February 1). “For the first time ever, after performing over 200 shows, we had to cancel our show in St. Johns, Newfoundland because of the bad weather,” Duff said. “The trucks carrying all of the band equipment were not going to be safe getting to the theater. Hopefully, I can make it up for the fans soon. I ended up spending three days in Halifax and got to see three movies! I loved ‘Tristan and Isolde’. It was a true love story. I also saw ‘Annapolis’, which was written so well. The acting was excellent and I highly recommend it. I also saw ‘Brokeback Mountain’, another great one. Remember to check me out at the San Antonio Rodeo on February 6th.”

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