Eamon KO’d By Ex Frankee

Frankee 'F.U.R.B. (FU Right Back)' single cover

Eamon, who spent the last four weeks at number one in the UK singles charts, has been knocked off the top spot by his so-called ex. In a feisty response to her one-time lover’s single ‘I Don’t Want You Back’, released her own tune ‘F.U.R.B (FU Right Back)’. Read more.

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4 thoughts on “Eamon KO’d By Ex Frankee

  1. Aguilera_fan says:

    Frankee’s song is so much better than eamon’s

  2. anti_social66 says:

    I hate Frankee and Eamon, their songs are played too many times.

  3. Angel_Jtfan says:

    I’m sick of them both.. but I do like them both. And I like Eamon’s better. Frankee’s is cheesy with the insults

  4. Meggz75 says:

    They are great to listen to if you are just fed up with the opposite sex!

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