Ed Sheeran Performs ‘The A Team’ On ‘Good Day New York’

Ed Sheeran and Jewel

touched down in New York City the other day, making an appearance on ‘Good Day New York’, where he did an interview and performed ‘The A Team’. Backstage, the English singer songwriter ran into another popular recording artist, Jewel.

Asked what he was doing later tonight with his show the following night, Ed said, “I’m meeting up with some friends. I’ve got some friends that are in New York, which is really random, so I’m going to go out and have a drink.”

Talking about the hard work needed to get to where he is now, Ed said, “I’ve probably done the same amount as anyone else in my position has done. I’m just trying to keep the ball rolling at the moment.”

Talking about his break into the music biz, Ed said, “I did a lot of touring. I released a lot of independent EPs, and grew up a fan base and then I got picked up by a label and the album was released.”

Watch the performance at myfoxny.com.

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