Eden’s Crush Star Sticks Up For Fan Upset With Photo

Ana Maria of Eden’s Crush offered words of encouragement for a fan with somewhat low self-esteem who was unhappy with how she looked in her photo taken with the singer that was posted on her official website. Ana said, “Hi, Natassia! I read your post and I want you to know that I think the picture is wonderful, Which is why I put it up on my site. You’re a beautiful girl, with a beautiful name and I’m very proud to know that you’re an EC fan. However, if you would like me to remove it, please let me know and I will ask Leslie [the webmaster] to take the picture down. I’m sorry if it made you uncomfortable in any way. We wanted you to see the picture.” The fan was honored to have the photo up and said it was ok for Ana to leave it on her official site.

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