Electrovamp Talk With ITN About New Single, Debut Album

Kally and TammyJay Davies of Electrovamp

sisters Kally & TammyJay Davies talked with ITN about their new single ‘Drinks Taste Better When They’re Free’, featured in the film ‘How To Lose Friends And Alienate People’. The Welsh electropop singers said the track is about cocky and slimy guys who offer them drinks with bad intentions, adding that their debut album is about having fun and what they do on a normal day.

“We’re kinda taking the mick out of guys, who sort of think when we go out on these nights out and some of them are a bit cocky and we’re kinda no and their hidden intensions,” Tammy said about the single. “That’s half of what the song’s about. Also the DJ’s when we’re dancing, they sort of offer you free drinks.”

On the debut album, Tammy said, “It’s about us having We just wanted to write about what we do and what we get up to on normal days, shopping and that sort of stuff. It’s just normal teenage sorta life.”

Watch the interview via YouTube below.

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