Elise Estrada Celebrates Album Release With Talent Contest

Elise Estrada raises her finger as she talks about the release of her self-titled debut albumTo celebrate the release of the Elise Estrada’s self-titled debut album next Tuesday ( 16), the British Columbia pop singer and her label RockSTAR Music Corp. are doing an online talent contest. Fans are asked to make their own videos to Elise’s music and post them online. Contestants can sing, dance, rap, juggle, make your own personal videos with lyrics, etc., and post your video on YouTube.

“If you guys want to enter this contest, it’s an online contest, anyone can join,” she explained. “We want you guys to pick one of my songs, any of my songs, and we want you guys to sing, or dance or rap or do what you do best. Even make videos. I’ve seen the videos that you guys put up on YouTube with the videos and lyrics and pictures. I love those. Enter it.”

Watch Elise talking about the contest below.

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