Elton John And Boyfriend Strike Back At Robbie Williams

Asked about Robbie Williams’ state of mind at the Q Awards, Elton John told The Sun: “Robbie is not a well budgie.” Elton’s boyfriend David Furnish added, “We’ve read the excerpts from Robbie’s book and we were hurt by what he said. At the time Robbie needed our help. When he turned up at the house he hadn’t been to bed for three days. We were really worried about him. We were worried if we didn’t get help he’d be dead. I guess you could say we kidnapped him but at the time he asked for our help.” Read more.

Robbie Fears Crazy Fans

October 3, 2004 – The Sun reports that Robbie Williams admits he’s terrified of being attacked because he receives as many as 100 letters from “nutters” each week. “I worry about my safety ‘cos I know about the letters I receive on a daily basis and I seem to attract a lot of nutters,” he explained. “I can’t help reading them.”

Robbie: Every Male Celeb Is Gay

October 2, 2004 – Blitz caught up with Robbie Williams at a video shoot, where he admitted, “Every male celebrity is gay.” Williams then cited Brad Pitt, Colin Farrell, and himself. Video has since been removed from sat1.de.

Robbie Is Head Over Heels For Cindy Crawford

September 30, 2004 – Robbie Williams tells GWR Radio when he first met Cindy Crawford, it was a case of a love at first sight for him. “She is probably the best woman in the world – very nice and rounded and funny,” Williams said of Crawford, who is married.

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One thought on “Elton John And Boyfriend Strike Back At Robbie Williams

  1. AussieSue says:

    Hmm, seems Elton has it in for Madonna and Robbie of late. In my understanding on reading that section of Robs book, I think he is grateful for the help, just was a tad strange how it came about. Would feel odd looking at it from RW side of things. As for describing Rob as a ” budgie ” hmm well, I think not, maybe a cheeky monkey

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