Elton John Blasts ‘Miserable Cow’ Madonna

blasted as a “miserable cow” for refusing to sing at the celebration of his civil union to longtime companion David Furnish. “I’m sure he said it with great affection,” Madonna’s spokeswoman responded to Jeannette Walls of MSNBC.com. “Madonna wishes Elton and David all the best, I’m sure. She’s on holiday with her family.” Read more.

Congratulations To Elton

December 22, 2005 – Jay Leno joked during his Tonight Show monologue on Wednesday night, “Today was hump day, or as they call it in England, Elton John’s wedding day. Yesiree, bob. Congratulations to Elton John. He tied the knot today. Then after he was done, he untied him. But hey, no, he married his longtime male companion, David Furnish. You know, I think this is one celebrity marriage we don’t have to worry about Angelina Jolie breaking up. … Actually, did you see it on TV? It was a beautiful ceremony. I understand the bouquet was caught by Ryan Seacrest. … It was lovely. He caught the bouquet. And the bachelor party, did you see that on the news? The waiters were shirtless and wearing riding boots, which is what Elton wore on the wedding night, actually. … No, the bachelor party was held at a gay nightclub. It was packed. There must have been 20 guys for every guy. It was unbelievable.”

Elton And David’s Civil Union

December 22, 2005 – British singer tied the knot with his longtime partner, Canadian David Furnish on Wednesday (December 21). Watch a report on the nuptials in England, which now permits same-sex unions, from CBS News below the cut.

Elton John To Wed Partner In December

November 24, 2005 – In an interview in Attitude magazine, which hits the newsstands on Friday, Elton John revealed he plans on marrying his long term partner David Furnish on December 21st, the first day that civil partnerships between gay couples will be possible in England. “Out of respect for their (our parents’) support, we want to just keep it small — not to make a ballyhoo of the ceremony,” Elton said. “There will be a party somewhere, but the day will be very low key and we’ll take our parents to lunch afterwards.”

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