EMI Pushes Back Sky Ferreira’s Debut Album Indefinitely

Sky Ferreira by Rankin

checked in with fans on her Facebook on Wednesday (December 15), bringing the news that her debut album has been pushed back by EMI. The album was originally set for a January 11, 2011 release. The 18-year-old insisted she hadn’t been dropped by her label, but the UK release of ‘One’ and U.S. release of ‘Obsession’ likely didn’t meet expectations of a major label. Sky writes:

Okay. My album is no longer coming out on 1-11-11… unfortunately. It was done, but things/people constantly change within ALL record labels & in life (DUH!). I am now recording even more material for the record because I feel like I’ve grown (musically) since when I was 15-16 years old. All of the songs will eventually come out because they are all important to me. I’m trying to push for an EP to come out in February too. It’s been extremely frustrating, but you know “these kinda things happen for a reason”. Thank you for the support and I’m glad I can CLARIFY what’s going on… Keep your eyes peeled for some big things happening this winter… STAY TUNED!<3 PS. I am still on EMI P.P.S. Shutup forum ********* (I'd curse but my 12 year old cousin is on this page) I haven't even started yet. P.P.P.S I love you.

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