Eminem: Britney Spears ‘Sucks’ And ‘Can’t Sing’

The Glasgow Daily Record reports Eminem has blasted . The rapper said, “I’ve met Britney a couple of times, but I’m not going to demolish her in public. I’m not a fan of her music though. I can’t knock her for doing her thing, but she he sucks and she can’t sing.”

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29 thoughts on “Eminem: Britney Spears ‘Sucks’ And ‘Can’t Sing’

  1. Muffy says:


  2. A Wreader says:

    Did I read that right, Eminem, a guy who can’t sing more than one tone in repetitive sequence knocking a real singer for not being able to sing. LOL

  3. aditya says:

    no I am fan of both Eminem and Britney I love Britney she sings very nice

  4. Alejandro says:

    Eminem doesn’t sing, he raps which is different

  5. sharon says:

    Eminem isn’t meant to be able to sing he’s a rapper not a singer, that’s like saying Britney can’t rap.

  6. ash! says:

    @A Wreader —–>> RAP is where you maintain a ‘key’ when you sing a high key or a low key….it is mostly monotonous!! and em is a rapper n he knows that just too well….he is a good rapper because:
    # he is amazingly FAST.
    #his words are clear!

  7. Bri Bri says:

    Eminem never ceases to amaze me. I love how he thinks his opinion is the end-all, be-all. We all give a fu** when you say you think Brit sucks, Eminem. And if you believe that then believe me when I say that all of those redundant, celebrity-bashing videos you’re always doing are just so original. Get a clue, douche.

  8. Amy says:

    just because Eminem can’t “sing” doesn’t mean he still can’t comment on Britney’s singing
    I mean most people I know they can’t sing and yet they comment on Britney’s LIFE and singing all the time.
    If Eminem can’t comment on Britney’s singing then we shouldn’t judge Britney’s life

  9. gracie+shady=bff+luv+sexy pie says:

    I don’t get it Eminem made a song SAME SONG AND DANCE there he says he has a crush on Britney but on the next song on his album WE MADE YOU he makes fun of Britney Spears WTF? I love slim shady and beef pie.

  10. anonimus says:

    jajaaj hes right, Britney sucks at everything and there are way more better singers than her, she doesn’t even write his own songs and his songs are a piece of crap!!

  11. I Luv Everybody says:

    Anyway,I Luv B&E.
    To anonymous: and you can’t even write your own F**KING comment B*TCH. BRITNEY IS FEMALE, THEN USE “HER”. AND HOW DARE YOU TO INSULT TO BRITNEY, YOU DUMBASS!!!

  12. muhannad says:

    umm.. I really like Eminem.
    but I hate that he’s trash talking to Britney for no reason.
    not to mention that she sold albums as much as he did.
    so what Eminem said was very rude and immature.
    i won’t support him on this one because this has gone way too far!!

  13. katiti says:

    You guys, you all suck. You can all leak my ass.

  14. lalala says:

    I couldn’t agree more with Eminem Britney may use her dancing as an excuse but she’s not even an extremely skilled dancer at that I was invited to one of her concerts and she lip synched the whole time
    um isn’t the point of a concert for the artist to sing ????
    Lady Gaga is way better look her live performances up she’s NEVER lip synced before and she graduated from NYU Tisch and majored in voice and music

  15. Kevin says:

    your mother sucks idiot!

  16. katrine says:

    Eminem has a crush on Britney, its on his song Song & Dance. so I think he is just being bitter for Britney picked losers over him. LOL

  17. Jack Bush says:

    Britney Spears my hero legend best singer ever haters go to hell

  18. deborah says:

    I love both Eminem and Britney Spears, but I can’t help agreeing with some of Em’s comments,harsh as they might appear to be. I was gutted to find out that Brit lip-synced to some of her concerts-it was a fu**ing waste of money. Also, did any of you see her performance with Michael Jackson like nine years ago? awful singing!

  19. Jack Bush says:

    dwevorah you talk crap the live with Michela was amazing Britney was amazing on this track

    love Britney Spears Eminem go to hell you suck compared

  20. Eminem is God says:

    @A Wearder Have you ever heard about Eminem, Bitch. Single monotonous tune my foot. Go listen to ‘criminal’ sings in 12 different voices. B- spears is all publicity.

  21. Sharveena says:

    well it is Eminem’s opinion, so if he doesn’t like her who cares!

  22. Deborah says:

    is this true, Katrine? Aren’t there any better women out there who don’t shave their hair off in a mad bid for publicity? God, Em! Am a big Eminem fan!

  23. whitey says:

    hahaha she does suck though? she sounds like a country bumpkin who just shot some coke its really bad then she does songs about sex and stuff and its gross cause she a grub!!!

  24. Crazy Horse says:

    He’s totally right. Most of the time Eminem’s been spot on in his assessment of other performers’ skills. Britney was one of the worst things to happen to pop music, she ain’t even talented.

  25. ravinder says:

    Eminem is best and I belive him whatever he said blindly

  26. barefoothippie says:

    I like Eminem for both his button pushing and his very admirable talent. I have never cared for that over-sexed swamp trash slut. However, the head shaving incident happened right around the same time that her worthless hubby, and her family started dragging her through court. The hardest drug test to pass is a hair strand test. Guess she’s not a complete moron.

  27. shivam pop abs says:

    how Eminem can insult Britney. She’s such a talented singer. If anyone insult Britney then they gonna be mad. How he can say such a things to Britney without any reason. She is a very great singer and I love her very much. S pop abs

  28. Pinklover says:

    Oh, please for the people who thinks Britney can’t sing obviously don’t know her story and how she got a record deal. Yes, she lip syncs and her dancing was way more hard-core than Beyoncé’s. In true honesty she is the second best female dancer after Janet Jackson.

  29. MrYeetWhilem says:

    Bruh Eminem is a beast and everybody in this comment who is giving your opinion of him like he’s reading this or some sh**, of he was reading this he would say:I JUST DON’T GIVE A FU**!!!!

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