Eminem Makes Mariah Carey Target On New Tour

Eminem called out much like he’s done with former wife Kim and in prior tours when he kicked off the Anger Management Tour last night in Buffalo. Slim let it be known that he was single telling the women in the audience, “Ladies, I ain’t married no more.” Just when he said that, on stage was a woman pleading with him to save her, she being inside the giant mouth that was the backdrop of Slim’s set and had only managed to get one arm out. “I’mma tell you like I told Mariah, ‘Bitch, you make me hurl,” he responded to her appeal, setting up ‘Superman.’ The girl turned out to be frequent Slim Shady back-up singer Dina Rae, made her way out the mouth on her own. Rae contributed to the song and was made up to look like Mariah. Read more.

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