Emma Bunton: I’m Still A Big Kid At Heart

Emma Bunton of Spice Girls

Emma Bunton spoke with CosmoGIRL in a Q&A, where the Spice Girl was asked if the British group’s nicknames still reflect each of the five members. “I’m 31 and still a baby – but I am a big kid at heart,” Baby Spice responded. “I don’t think Scary is as scary as we think anymore, but we all still have elements of our names, especially when we sing Spice Girls songs! And if I could give my son a Spice name, I would call him Smiley Spice, because he smiles all the time and he’s always giggling!”

As for how the girls have kept their friendship strong during their ten years apart as a group, Emma said, “We’ve really supported each other the whole time – through solo careers and children. Plus, we’re always ready to be there for one another at the other end of the phone. I think the way to keep a friendship is to respect that everybody is different.”

Emma Bunton Arrives In LA With Jade & Beau

October 31, 2007 – Emma Bunton arrived in Los Angeles from London, the last of the Spice Girls to arrive in LA as they prepare for their reunion tour. Baby was joined by her boyfriend Jade Jones and their baby boy Beau. Check out pictures from X17.

Happy Times For Emma Bunton

July 6, 2007 – The Sun profiled Emma Bunton, and the pregnant singer’s excitement about both having a baby and reuniting with the Spice Girls. “Emma is so happy with her life right now,” a source said. “She is thrilled about the girls getting back together to go on tour. She always wanted that to happen and now she’s having a baby it’s the icing on the cake.” Read more.

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