Emma Bunton Talks About Justin Timberlake

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On a show in the UK called “This Morning” ex Spice Girl was being interviewed. Last week there was a lot of hype in the tabloids that star Justin Timberlake and her had slept together and were secretly dating. So in the interview, the presenters asked her if it was true and she said, “I can’t say.” They then asked her “Did he try to kiss you [at the party]” and she just smile and said “I can’t say” then she giggled.

Lands Role In ‘Absolutely Fabulous’

May 28, 2003 – The Sun reports former Spice Girl Emma Bunton has landed a cameo role in the new British comedy television series ‘Absolutely Fabulous’. The singer will film her part next week, and is reportedly beside herself with excitement.

Emma Bunton Cheers Gulf Troops

May 26, 2003 – ITN reports former Spice Girl Emma Bunton performed her new single ‘Free Me’ and three other tunes for British troops in Gibraltar. The former Baby Spice wore a strapless black and white mini dress to cheer up the services personnel and was also filming for a show about the forces to be broadcast in July.

Baby Spice Falls For Justin Timberlake

May 24, 2003 – Former Spice Girl Emma Bunton has broken her silence on her encounter with Justin. She tells Rav Singh of News of the World: “A lady never kisses and tells and neither does a gentleman. But I will say that he’s got a great arse. That’s one of the first things I look at in a man and his is very peachy and does the job. They’ve also got to have nice eyes and he’s got that as well. We first met in LA years ago when Justin was with *NSYNC. I bumped into him at the airport and he started singing to me. Who knows what could happen in the future? It all depends.”

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  1. guess says:

    why is everyone complaining about Emma, he was the first one to admit it and she denied it. and its only now that even this much has ***** out and really. WHO cares bout who they do it with?

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