Emma Bunton Visits ‘The Late Late Show’

Former Spice Girl stopped by ‘The Late Show with Craig Ferguson’ on Wednesday night (February 2) to perform her new single ‘Free Me’ and promote her debut U.S. solo album. Emma signed an autograph for an excited fan crying in the audience and discussed visiting the girls again for Victoria Beckham’s christening for sons Romeo and Brooklyn. Read on for a complete transcript.

Craig: Welcome back, everyone. I’m here with the lovely Emma Bunton. Now, Emma, a lovely song and thank you very much, but when you were singing, see that girl sitting over there? I saw her. She was crying.

Emma: Oh, bless you. Look, I think she’s got a t-shirt on.

Craig: She’s got a t-shirt with you on it. Could you sign your C.D.? And I’ll give it to her.

Emma: Of course i will.

Craig: What’s your name?

Erika: Erika with a K. Erika with a K.

Emma: I’ve got that, right. There we go, sweetheart.

Craig: I don’t want to see this on ebay.

Emma: Yeah. No selling it.

Craig: I don’t want to see it on ebay. Come on, come and get it.

Emma: Thank you so much for coming today.

Craig: All right?

Emma: Thank you.

Craig: Aren’t they lovely? They love you, the kids.

Emma: You know what? That is the reason i do this. My fans. Especially when i came to the U.S. — They have been so supportive — seriously, you have been so supportive and they have been here every step of the way for me. Thank you.

Craig: I have noticed this about the Americans. I have noticed this about the Americans. They’re very friendly.

Emma: Very friendly and positive.

Craig: They’re upbeat, aren’t they? It’s not “oh, we don’t like that,” it’s like “come on in, hi, help yourself.”

Emma: This chair is really comfy. How come you haven’t got one?

Craig: I get the uncomfortable chair in order to punish me. I like to be punished. I’m just saying. Now, do you keep in touch with the rest of the Spices? Are you still pals?

Emma: Yes, i do. Actually, just before Christmas, Victoria had a christening for her two boys.

Craig: That’s nice.

Emma: We were all there, it was lovely and we had dinner, it was so lovely and mousey, is my neighbor.

Craig: Mousey?

Emma: Everyone says that. Mel-C.

Craig: I thought you said mousey. You can’t call her mousey. She’s your friend.

Emma: No, she lives next door to me.

Craig: I imagined all the spice girls living in the same house like the mones.

Emma: We use to. Craig: And having pillow fights. No. Listen, good luck with the C.D., Thank you so much for coming in, Emma Bunton, everybody

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