Emma Roberts Not Ready For Music Career Yet

USA Today caught up with Nickelodeon’s ‘Unfabulous’ star Emma Roberts and Nick talent exec Paula Kaplan, who talked about cross-promoting the 13-year-old as a recording star following the path of Hilary Duff and Lindsay Lohan.

“Emma Roberts is a star, and we’d like to maximize on that,” Kaplan said. “We’re looking to find a feature for her once her schedule clears up. And we are exploring the music side of Emma as well. We have a record deal with BMG, so there are possibilities for an album.”

Emma added, “Maybe when I’m older. But right now I want to focus on acting.”

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4 thoughts on “Emma Roberts Not Ready For Music Career Yet

  1. allyouwanted says:

    funny how when you star in a movie you automatically get a record deal and when you are a singer you star in a movie.

  2. DroppedBurger says:

    Jesus Christ the child doesn’t even want to sing! I swear to god this industry just wants to pimp these little girls for all their worth. It sounds like she doesn’t even want this. God damn I feel sorry for the poor girl.

  3. pdisfullofstupids says:

    i think she wants to be respected like her aunt. not that I’m a Julia fan, but she doesn’t bug me like others do, like Hilary. and even she knows already that nobody respects a manufactured living piggy bank for these big wheels like Lindsay and Hilary (just because that’s who they compared her too). (Hilary’s a bigger pig though)

  4. twistedpsykko says:

    oh no! if there’s another duff, will there be anymore happy places?’, ‘ugh, this planet doesn’t need another Hilary duff.I’m traumatized at the thought…. *curls up into fetal position in the corner*

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