Enough Essays About VMAs

Contributed Anonymously:

What’s up with all these essays about the MTV Video Music Awards that seems to be popping up everyday? I have seen over 3 essays already with the same stuff being repeated, and it’s getting old.

Look, what’s so special about the VMA’s anyway that’s worth spending time to debate on whether or not it’s credible? Why does it matter if MTV gives awards to the most popular artist or to the best video? Why is it so important that should win an award? Is Britney going to slice the moon man in half and share it to fans all over the world, or give you credit, with the same going for every other artist that wins or was nominated for a moon man?

Why does it matter to us on whether or not the artist wins the vote? At the end of the day do you think Usher, Britney, Beyonce, or whoever is really going to actually care that you took your time to vote. This is all such a pointless and never-ending circle. Some of you guys argue about if Britney should win or not win a moon man, if Usher should win any at all because he’s overrated, etc., and is it really worth it? Ask yourself that. This is just an award show, I bet majority of you will forget who won the awards anyways and maybe forget about the award show all together.

It’s such a silly and pointless award show that has no real criteria to choosing the winner. It’s just mindless entertainment, the same boring crap that MTV offers to every award show they have, like the Movie Awards and probably to the upcoming new Reality TV awards. It’s getting cheesier if you ask me; all these award shows on MTV are just cheesy.

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