Enough Is Enough With Britney And Christina

Okay. If you don’t want to read anything about or I suggest you don’t read this but its all up to you. I am a fan of Christina and Britney, just to clarify. I both respect them, enjoy their music, and been to each of their shows. Personally I think Christina has an amazing voice there is no doubt that she can sing. Britney doesn’t have as strong as a voice but with the songs Britney sings her voice is good. I mean Britney’s voice is decent. Christina’s is amazing, I am not going to lie. Personally I love Britney’s songs especially her new songs, I am not expecting everyone to like it but I like them.

Although Christina has more meaning with her songs, Britney’s songs also have some of her personal experiences in them. Okay so Britney is known for her shows and amazing dance moves, there is no doubt that that girl can dance. Christina is not as choreographed as Britney, Christina is an okay dancer in my perspective but you may think differently. I think Britney is a more skilled dancer.

I think and Britney Spears are both gorgeous people, some say Britney is ugly some say Christina is ugly but I think they both have great bodies and are just beautiful.

I don’t think neither of them are slutty because first off I don’t know them personally so I can’t make a judgment based on that. But when Britney or Christina performs they do dress a little “whoa” but I mean it’s a performance big deal? They are 22 or 23 so who cares there not little 17 year olds that just got into the business. I mean there have been rumors with Britney and different guys and same with Christina but no one really knows the real story. And why does there personal life matter anyways?

It’s either you like there music or you don’t or you like the person or you don’t right? It doesn’t matter about how many people someone has hooked up with. I don’t this was just something I thought that would help and if I didn’t which I kind of have a feeling it didn’t I’m sorry it was a waste of your time. But please next time you want to write about why Christina is better or why Britney is better, your not going to change that persons opinion so don’t just bash the artist because you don’t like them. Thanks for reading this.

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