Enough With Bashing Britney Spears’ Future Step Kid

What’s up with some of you people? Ever since a picture of Kevin Federline, , and baby Kori has been posted on this site, I have been seeing you bashing this BABY GIRL as if she has done something to you to deserve it! How dare you call a beautiful baby girl “ugly” and saying that she’s a “sumo wrestler” and an “ugly piggy” and a “fatty girl”! How immature and childish is that. I bet you don’t call other little 2 year olds those names, why to her? Because she’s Britney’s step kid or something?

Some of you need to grow up already! This is just a baby here, why are you bashing her so much and saying she looks retarded in that picture and such? She’s just a baby for crying out loud, how’s she supposed to look? Like Shirley Temple? Is she supposed to be dolled up as if she were going to her first award show? Is she supposed to pose in front of the camera like Paris Hilton or something? You guys seriously need to grow up if you are going to harass a little girl for her looks and for her weight and size.

Just watch…when she turns about 14 or 16, she will look stunning and fine, and very attractive, and most of you will be sitting in your chair and being on here and thinking, “man, that girl is fine…who is that? Omg, is it that Britney’s fat step kid that I saw 12 years ago! She looks soo gorgeous and soo attractive that I would rather take her than Britney Spears any day!” Just watch.

Don’t judge a kid like that, I bet you guys wouldn’t dare call her names in front of a child like that. That would scar her for life, and the look on her face in tears will scar you for life too. So please, stop with the bashing of little Kori and GROW UP!

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