Enough With The Britney Spears Fairy Tales

Contributed anonymously:

I remember reading an essay on here called and Kevin Federline: The Ideal Family, and it made me think, what’s up with these Britney fairy tales? Why do some of you fans assume that something as simple as a picture, or a smile on her face with Kevin, is going to predict her future or guarantee that she will be happy for the rest of her life? Do you view your own life that way in your relationships with people? Or do you just view it on Britney’s because she’s Britney Spears? Some of you need to get out of this fantasy world, seriously. Britney is not a living sitcom, just accept that already. PLEASE…enough with the Britney fairytales and always complaining about how people diss her stepdaughter Kori. Let people say what they want the same as you will say what you want. Stop complaining all the time and enough with the Britney fairy tales. This is reality folks, deal with it.

The reason why I’m writing an essay about this is because I’m tired of it! You guys are still soo delusional. You think that:

1) Britney is perfect

2) Britney is the “perfect mom” just because she looks as if she won the lottery when hugging Kori.

3) That she will be the perfect wife to Kevin just because she gives him a lot of money, wealth, and fortune to him and probably to Shar also.

I don’t understand that. What’s up with the Britney fairy tales people? Stop with the fairy tales and stick to reality, that simple folks.

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