Enough With The Britney Spears Vs. Christina Aguilera Thing

Guys…. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE stop posting stuff about that bashes Britney Spears and vice versa! The subject is old and we all know the way the story goes… People say that Christina has a great voice, wins more awards and has the respect of the music industry and that Britney can’t sing, dances robotically and is a joke. Then people naturally get angry because you offended someone they actually like. So then the people that like Britney come out and say that Christina has such a bad attitude, is ugly, is jealous, is spiteful and that Britney is a sweeter girl with more powerful performances and a larger fanbase!

Then when people run out of things to say they begin with comments about how obsessed the fans are and how they don’t care about their opinions (both of these points being mute, because if they are obsessed fans so are you and if you didn’t care about their opinions you wouldn’t read them and then get mad and comment)
Okay so obviously I am commenting on the annoying subject of Britney vs. Christina (or more acurately Britney fans vs. Christina fans) now, but it is just a plea to stop writing the same things over and over and over (they just ignite fights which last forever). And they also lead everyone to assume that one cannot be a Britney fan and an Christina fan, that you have to be one or the other, which just leads to more nonsense. So although my plea may very well be in vain, please stop with the comparisons. Bash all you want, but just stop comparing them! They are nothing alike!

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