Enough With The Nick Carter Drama Already

Contributed Anonymously:

I can understand why many of you fans on here are trying to defend him and such, believe me, I have been defending him too. I believe he didn’t hurt Paris Hilton. I don’t have no proof, and I’m not going to sit here and act as if I KNOW just because I’m a fan, but I’m just going to say frankly that I believe he didn’t do it.

Now that that’s been said, I just want to say that I think some of you fans are acting a bit too dramatic about this. Many of you are acting as if Paris is openly saying to the media that Nick did it, or as if there has been a statement online and all over the news saying that Nick is convicted for crime of physical abuse on hotel heiress Paris Hilton, and was seen being handcuffed like was. Nothing about this has been that dramatic except for the fact that the media has been milking this for all its worth. If it becomes that serious and dramatic, THEN I can understand the frenzy of some of you.

But seriously, many of you are just making a big deal out of this. Nick is not convicted of a crime (accused, yeah, but there is a big difference), nobody is going to court or to jail (at the moment, probably won’t happen since Paris is not taking action and doesn’t seem to take her “abuse” as seriously as most women would if they were seriously abused by a man), and Nick is not getting the death penalty or spending 20 years in jail or something. So stop with the drama already.

The whole story has probably died down by now. If Nick said he didn’t do it, then just believe him and stop acting as if he still needs to be protected from a consequence that he’s not even getting. You don’t need to constantly defend him for something that’s not going to court, and is not going to give him any serious jail time and such. Just let it go, if people call him a women beater, just let it go.

You can’t get so freaking mad every time somebody calls him a bad name, that’s just silly, many celebrities have bad names for a crime they did or didn’t do. Like Michael Jackson, I still listen to his music and I’m still a fan of the entertainer Michael, and you don’t see me whining and constantly writing essays just because he’s called “wacko Jacko” and a molester.

Just let it go and MOVE ON, you guys are exaggerating just as much as the media is, and acting as if this is news from today when it’s dying down by now. I can understand if you still want to make an opinion about it (I still do as well), but do you necessarily need to be sooo DRAMATIC about it?

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