Enough With The ‘Enough With’ Essays

Contributed anonymously:

For the past few days alone, there have been maybe like 5 essays titled “Enough With Bashing Nick Carter”, “Enough with Dissing Nick”, “Enough With Dissing Britney Spears’ Step Kid”, and so on. What’s up with all these titles having the same title? Whoever you are writing those essays (anonymous!) can you be a little bit more original than copying the same title as the other essays before you?

I like reading the essays, sometimes i don’t understand why some of you act as if you are forced to read and reply to them. They are fun and a lot more interesting than the news, and more people seem to reply to them, which makes it not seem as lonely. But enough with these essays about the same thing! How many essays need to be about Nick beating up or not beating up Paris Hilton, about Britney and people bashing Kori and Kevin Federline, and essays about not writing essays about Paris and Nick and Britney and Kevin. Do you get what I am saying? It needs to stop already, it’s getting old pretty quick.

If you want to write an essay, can some of you anonymous’s out there be more original with the title and the topic at least?

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