Enough With The ‘Nick Beat Paris’ Crap

OK, so I’m yet another fan posting my opinion, but I’ll try to keep it short. I understand some people don’t like the Backstreet Boys (or maybe just himself) and are more than happy to bash him/them every time there’s a piece of dirty gossip. But I have enough of the “Nick Carter beat Paris Hilton,” “Nick Carter did this to that person,” “Nick Carter did that to this person.” He’s certainly no angel and he has showed his bad side over the last year, but he’s not the devil. Saying he beat Paris (or any other person) is a serious allegation there is absolutely no proof of beside what her “pals” told some papers they “witnessed.” In other words, people who pretend to be friends with Paris speak about something they pretend they know.

OK, so yes, I’m a Backstreet fan, I do believe Nick didn’t beat Paris, I do support him and I will till the end.

So far, everyone’s stuck by Paris without even questioning what her “camp” said. Basically, I’m only asking people to stop bashing and digging Nick’s grave and actually give him a chance.

Leak Complicates Paris/ Haylie Fight Over Who Gets ‘Screwed’

August 6, 2004 – In wake of the track ‘Screwed’ hitting the radio waves and the internet, the singer hoping to release the same track before the heiress, Haylie Duff, has been complicated. Duff said she planned to release her own version by early August, but Hilton’s version made that deadline, inadvertently. “It’s not something we put out,” Hilton spokesperson Gina Hoffman told MTV News. “It’s a leak. And that’s really disturbing.” Hilton doesn’t have a release date for her album yet, or even a distribution deal in place, so the release is too early to promote the record, Hoffman said. Duff’s spokespeople had no word on whether her plans will change in light of the leak. Read more.

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