Enrique Iglesias Amazing As Usual At Party In The Park

Sally Cowan of the UK Fanclub reviewed Enrique Iglesias’ performance at Party in the Park at Hyde Park in London on Sunday. Cowan writes, “Enrique, of course, was as amazing as usual. He seemed a bit unsure of the audience at first, especially because he came on after show-stoppers Wyclef and Blue. He sang Love To See You Cry first, and there wasn’t a huge audience reaction because most people don’t know the song yet – of course the Enrique fans were going nuts, jumping around and singing along in really loud voices. He came right over to our side of the stage and I’m not sure if he saw us in the sea of faces but I was told that he definitely did see the banner, so I’m sure he was pleased to know that his fans were there to support him in this audience of 100,000 people with diverse musical tastes. Of course, one thing Enrique knows how to do is get the audience going, and it wasn’t long before he had them in the palm of his hand and singing along with him.”

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