Enrique Iglesias Beefs Up Official Site’s Content

’ official site has announced the beginning of brand new content delivered to fans everyday. Mondays will include photos of Enrique wherever he is that week while Tuesday will include a new digital souvenir each week. Wednesday you get a new Enrique video clip, while Thursday you’ll get a road update from him. Friday will be a featured fan day.

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3 thoughts on “Enrique Iglesias Beefs Up Official Site’s Content

  1. ann says:


    Just think you are a great artist and see you at the o2 Dublin.

  2. Epsilon says:

    Heya Enrique!!

    I am from Malta!!! =) Hope You’re Fine… Not too busy with your work :P
    I was first Row in your show both summer 2007 and 2008 In Malta.
    Hope you will come again in 2009!! All Malta Awaits For You. You Are Great!! I’ve been a fan of yours since I was a child!! I’m 18 now you can imagine!! :)

    Your new singles are awesome…very nice!! Keep it up Enrique!! Hope that if you are coming to Malta I would have the pleasure to meet you :);) It would be a great thing, you’re all that a woman wants…seems like you look like the perfect guy!! =)

    Take Care!! =)
    Hugs && Kisses

    Christine a.k.a Epsilon

  3. zainab IRAQ says:

    dear Enrique I’m the biggest fan of yours and I have recently got your latest album euphoria which is outstanding as usual. You have no idea how much your songs touch my heart.

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