Enrique Iglesias Beefs Up Official Site’s Content

Enrique Iglesias’ official site has announced the beginning of brand new content delivered to fans everyday. Mondays will include photos of Enrique wherever he is that week while Tuesday will include a new digital souvenir each week. Wednesday you get a new Enrique video clip, while Thursday you’ll get a road update from him. Friday will be a featured fan day.

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3 thoughts on “Enrique Iglesias Beefs Up Official Site’s Content

  1. ann says:


    Just think you are a great artist and see you at the o2 Dublin.

  2. Epsilon says:

    Heya Enrique!!

    I am from Malta!!! =) Hope You’re Fine… Not too busy with your work :P
    I was first Row in your show both summer 2007 and 2008 In Malta.
    Hope you will come again in 2009!! All Malta Awaits For You. You Are Great!! I’ve been a fan of yours since I was a child!! I’m 18 now you can imagine!! :)

    Your new singles are awesome…very nice!! Keep it up Enrique!! Hope that if you are coming to Malta I would have the pleasure to meet you :);) It would be a great thing, you’re all that a woman wants…seems like you look like the perfect guy!! =)

    Take Care!! =)
    Hugs && Kisses

    Christine a.k.a Epsilon

  3. zainab IRAQ says:

    dear Enrique I’m the biggest fan of yours and I have recently got your latest album euphoria which is outstanding as usual. You have no idea how much your songs touch my heart.

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