Enrique Iglesias Discusses New Singles & Upcoming Album

Enrique Iglesias 'Euphoria'

checked in on his SayNow player while in Miami doing press, where he talked about the new Spanish and English singles ‘Cuando Me Enamoro’ and ‘I Like It’ respectively, how they are “two different worlds” in terms of the tempo. “I did that on purpose, I wanted to make sure you guys get two different worlds,” Enrique explained. He added that his upcoming album is his “most eclectic, most diverse album, mainly due to I combined Spanish and English.”

Audio for the message at Saynow.com has since been removed.

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50 thoughts on “Enrique Iglesias Discusses New Singles & Upcoming Album

  1. LATIKA KHOSLA says:

    it’s wow

  2. siru says:

    hey what’s up… your song is very nice keep it up……

  3. mady says:

    hey your voice is superb
    and always sing in this way
    be happy

  4. idrees says:

    Well Enrique I’m much handsome than you if need a model in any of your videos than you can contact me so bye

  5. Khushal Bhardwaj says:

    Enrique you are my favorite singer please always keep singing

  6. emal says:

    wow nice

  7. maricela says:

    I love you Enrique

  8. katehygm says:


  9. RAGESHREE says:

    Enrique you rock…….. you are awesome

  10. Rigoberto says:

    I have always liked your songs. Especially one of your newest ones. Both in Spanish & English. Keep singing with “Wisin & Yandel”. It will always turn out to be a hit.

  11. Aseel says:

    I love you Enrique.

  12. Aseel says:

    Your voice is very nice.

  13. Faith Morris says:

    Be yourself.

  14. kashinath says:

    I like all your songs, especially from album “7”

  15. romio says:

    You are very nice. I like you

  16. chaitanya tahasildar says:

    Keep singing Enrique only your voice is enough for others you rock!!!!!!

  17. Priyasi Dewan says:

    You are so hot…. I love you..

  18. nicky says:

    you are so fine singer and i love you



  20. FarZu says:

    Enrique, You are Hot, Handsome, Cool…..

  21. FarZu says:

    I wanna be just like you ENRIQUE

  22. sami says:

    It’s awesome! I love you Enrique!

  23. MUZAFFAR says:

    VERY NICE PIC……………

  24. MUZAFFAR says:


  25. HAROON says:

    Enrique Iglesias you are one of the best :p
    you are my favourite :P

  26. niloo says:

    you are the best
    i love you

  27. roshan says:

    hey enrique do u know my girlfriend empress with u so don’tcome back again…………………………

  28. Shouvik says:

    You are the one and the only one Enrique. none can beat you ever.

  29. Deepak Taank says:

    Hey, Equie i m a big fan of you. I always sing your songs 4-5 hours in a day. Insomniac is my favouritest album. I always waiting for your latest album after Euphoria.

  30. Envy Sandhu says:

    Hey Enrique u are my fav. Singer , & i’m your big fan, i like ur all albums very much …waiting for ur next album…
    EUPHORIA is awesome

  31. Adal says:

    Enrique i love you sooooooooo much im your biggest fan in the whole world you are the best singer ever when i hear your voice i cheer up you are rock :D

  32. sushil says:

    Hey, EN. ur voice something diff. & extraordinary.In that reason i like u.

  33. Abhishek says:

    Hola enrique all of your indian fans are waiting for u please come to india again

  34. Vijay Maurya says:

    Hey Enrique you are my one and only fav. singer. I am your big fan. Bailamos, I like it, heartbreaker, everything’s gonna be alright songs is my fav songs and your Insomniac album is very good please inform to my email that your upcoming album after Euphoria.

  35. Arezoo says:

    I loooooooooooooooooooooove u enrique .

    U R best

    nothing else matars just U at my life .

  36. Snehasis das says:

    Enrique is my best Singer

  37. prashantreddy says:

    hi Enrique I’m a big fan of yours …. and am waiting for your next album please release soon bro i like you lot …. vvvvvvv intstd in singing also but no one can available to teach me……….. i wanna teach music and I love music

  38. prashantreddy says:

    my favt sng can u hear me, n tonit i m loving u

  39. Butterscotch says:

    Hey Sexy.!
    Just Love yoU…. !!!!!! …

  40. debjit patra says:

    U rock just like real madrid victories

  41. Harikant tiwari says:

    Hi Enrique I’m your big fan you are very sexy I’m waiting your next album

  42. Himanshu says:


  43. alaa khalid says:

    dear Enrique
    my name is alaa from Egypt I want you to come to visit my country when will you come I love your songs they are special words baby I want to come to see you please reply to my massage Enrique I waiting you ok good bye

  44. alaa khalid says:

    Enrique can you give me your telephone number please I need it I love you so much with my best wishes

  45. alaa khalid says:

    enrique i want to tell you
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    first reply to me and
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  46. alaa khalid says:

    why you didnt come
    to visit egypt

  47. Adity says:

    ooo enrique when you will come to india then please try to come in ranchi (jharkhand). one suggestion i want to give you don’t marrie with ann.
    love you.

  48. anurag says:

    your voice is superb…. and I have just four word’s 2 say you are too sexy…

  49. Heamant says:

    Sir, i want release a track with you so please give me a chance to sing your song

  50. Kamsina Khatun says:

    I love you Enrique and your all songs….i love you lot<3

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