Enrique Iglesias Doesn’t Have To Sing To Get His Fans To Scream

Catherine Bigelow of the San Francisco Chronicle reviewed the Enrique Iglesias’ show at Oakland’s Paramount Theatre on Tuesday (February 24). Bigelow said, “In concert, Iglesias elicits the frenzied screams of Sinatra’s bobbysoxers. He channels the braggadocio of Bono, the bravado of Bryan Adams, the sexiness of Tom Jones, the sensitivity of Bobby Sherman, the Tiger Beat cuteness of Tony DiFranco. He’s crossed the pop cultural bridge from tabloid factoid to red-blooded American pop star hottie. And though the video screen above the stage zoomed in frequently for close-ups up of some subtle — yet obviously calculated — crotch fondling, Iglesias still seems like the kind of guy you could bring home to meet mom and dad.” Read more.

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