Enrique Iglesias Fan Arrested At Miami Concert

A posting by a fan on the official message board reveals that several people were apparently arrested at Enrique’s concert in Miami the other night. ENRIMILLA writes:

At the start of ‘Be With You’ (When I finally got close to the stage) the police arrested me (Then I find out that I wasn’t only one). When I asked the officer named ‘Alfonso’ what is the reason of this arrest, here is what he told me: ‘Shut -up! I hate this %#@*ing concert!’ Also he told that this concert made too much trouble for him and he is too tired to explain me anything.” She added, “Then in the Police Room Officer Alfonso Asked me in Spanish ‘De Donde Eres, Espana?’ (ie. Where Are You from, Spain?) I understand him because I know Spanish, but I told him that I’m not from Spain, I’m Russian. His answer was “Ooh, so that is why Russians are always like that.’ I said ‘Like what?’

He said, ‘You Guys always Doing a bad stuff.’

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