Enrique Iglesias Gets Blessing From Anna Kournikova’s Grandma

Globe magazine reports Anna Kournikova and visited Anna’s grandmother, who also is named Anna, while on a two-day visit to Moscow. Grandma Anna said, “I found [Enrique] a very charming boy. Me and my husband were worried about his visit because he’s such a star and so famous that we didn’t know how to behave toward him. But he’s got very unaffected manners, so it was a real pleasure to meet him. He didn’t bring us any special gifts, but he and Anna went shopping before seeing us and brought us some tasty things for dinner.” Grandma Anna added that she felt Enrique was a soulmate for her granddaughter. “Enrique is very tender with Anna,” she said. “He looks after her and we think she’s really happy with him.” So when will the couple get hitched? “I think we’ll hear wedding bells soon. He’s a good match for Anna,” the 66-year-old said.

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