Enrique Iglesias Gives Miami Fans What They Want

The Miami Herald reviewed the concert at AmericanAirlines Arena on November 2nd. The paper says the singer “knows to give people exactly what they want — Enrique Iglesias.” They add, “For his aching hit ‘Hero’, he plucked a young woman from the audience, wrapping his arms around her, nuzzling her neck, placing her hands firmly on his butt before planting a kiss on her mouth — driving her and the audience nearly epileptic with excitement.”

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3 thoughts on “Enrique Iglesias Gives Miami Fans What They Want

  1. meimei li says:

    Enrique you are a hero and I love all your songs I hope you have new songs I can’t wait to hear it!!!!!!!!

  2. Tamar says:

    Happy birthday to you Enrique. my name Tamar,23 years old and I have the most wonderful present for you (not for fun, but serious), contact me on my e-mail and you will find your springtime present to me.

  3. liliana says:

    Do you have e-mail for your fans?

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