Enrique Iglesias Lands Deal With Pepsi

The Mirror claims has received a staggering $79 million after becoming the new face of Pepsi. “I am excited to join forces with Pepsi, which will give me another avenue to bring my music to my fans,” Iglesias said. A Pepsi insider explained, “Enrique is perfect for us. He’s one of the biggest stars around at the moment, and that is why, unlike some of the people on board, he has been chosen to represent the brand on a global level.”

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4 thoughts on “Enrique Iglesias Lands Deal With Pepsi

  1. rellaamanda says:

    It’s must be a joke! If it’s true, I would never touch Pepsi again!

  2. Mehrunisa says:

    $79 million? Is it a typo or something? This amount is ridiculous.

  3. Enrique_fan says:

    Well, I as well as millions of other girls are delighted about this news. It’s real mature of you to say, ‘Oh if this is true, I won’t pick up a Pepsi again” What are you, a Ricky Martin fan? Ricky Martin fans jump at the chance to put Enrique down. I’m glad Enrique got this deal and with the new movie he’s going to be in, his popularity is skyrocketing whether you like it or not. Enrique has a great voice, great music, great stage presence and to top it off he is great to look at! So Pepsi inc. was smart to sign Enrique up. I’m looking forward to seeing the commercials. Way to go, Enrique!

  4. kiki says:

    I use to be a Ricky Martin fan………. until he sings some crap. And by the way, Almas del Silencios SUX. And secondly, I don’t hate Enrique Iglesias, as a matter of a fact, I happened to love his voice. I wasn’t really a fan of his physically but I am a fan of his voice. And I am very happy that he is on the Pepsi logo. It just that some artist should not be on the Pepsi ad at all. Way to go Enrique.

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