Enrique Iglesias Launches Viceroy Watches Ad Campaign

launched a new advertising campaign for Viceroy Watches on Thursday (October 30) at the Viceroy Building in Madrid, Spain. The Miami pop singer sported a blue t-shirt and a baseball cap. Check out pictures from WireImage.

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3 thoughts on “Enrique Iglesias Launches Viceroy Watches Ad Campaign

  1. Enrique_fan says:

    OMG! He is so gorgeous! He defines the phrase ‘Tall, dark & handsome’

  2. Stan_the_man says:

    yeah, he’s pretty all right. so pretty, that once he’s in jail(for making out with that 17 year old girl in his video), the other cell mates will have a grand ol’ time making him their ‘bitch’! he’ll never be able to walk the same afterwards.

    So I think since Enrique likes to commit statutory rape, then he should be pinned down and butt raped by 20 big, burly men and see how he likes it. of course, he probably would like it since he’s gay.

  3. kaliausele says:

    He sure looks great :) So sorry for those guys, who can only sit by their computer and copy one phrase, trying to insult somebody. Unfortunately, it only makes them look stupid.

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