Enrique Iglesias Loves Himself

Enrique Iglesias contributed his own top 10 videos on today’s MTV Total Request Live. All of his 10 favorites were his own videos, and his most favorite video was the one directed by himself. Read on for Enrique’s shameless top 10.

Damien: A quick break from your requests and right now toss it over
to mr. Enrique iglesias if he was makin’ the top 10 most requested videos,
what would they be? Here is a clue. He likes his work, a big fan of his
own work. Check it out.

Enrique: I never see my videos on mtv so the only way i can see them
if i pick ’em these are my top 10 videos: No. 10 would be “Escape” [Background
music] It’s a good video, a fun video

No. 9 would be “Be With You” I really like that video, ha-ha

Then in no. 8 would be “Could I have This Kiss Forever” [Background
music] I always wanted to sing with and I got to do a video
with her

No. 7 is “Rhythm Divine” I like this in Chinatown, a lot of action

No. 6 is “Hero Remix” it was a great video to make with Jennifer and
Mickey Rourke

No. 5: “Bailamos” this is special to me being the first english video
I ever made

“Love to See You Cry” (No. 3) it was like a photo shoot a simple video
shot in one day, which is always good

No. 3 is “Bailamos Remix” [Background music] I like this video ’cause
it’s ha-ha ’cause it’s good

“Hero” is my no. 2 video. [Background music] So much chaos going on
that I actually thought it wasn’t going to be a good video and turned out
to be one — one of my best videos

No. 1 is “Don’t Turn Off the Lights” because it was directed by me!

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